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Jul 20

An incomplete list of time travelers who have died attempting to prevent the invention of the e-cigarette

Jul 7

A new born baby humming ‘Cats in the Cradle’ as his father stares at it in horror.

Jun 27

Tiny foot-tall transmission towers with power lines strung between lining every sidewalk in your neighborhood. Very tiny birds perch on the lines.

Jun 3

The Ghost of Lou Reed frequenting his favorite Panera Bread location (330 7th Ave, New York).

May 28

Wheel of Fortune being played with a wheel entirely comprised of bankrupts, all 3 contestants still yelling “Come on big money” before they take their turns

May 20

A time lapse video of a banana getting more and more black until it collapses on itself and envelopes the Universe.

May 15

A shoebox containing 2 huge silica gel packets and one tiny little shoe

A man standing at a grill, pressing down hard on hamburger patties with the spatula despite hearing the ghost of his father scream “THE JUICES!”.

Apr 11

A guy flipping out over finding a small piece of lettuce in the hair salad he ordered

Apr 6

A lint roller covered in tiny bones

Mar 31

Every picture you’ve ever seen on the internet printed, framed, and exhibited in a museum

Mar 25

Ska band in corpse paint.

Feb 26

A wake of vultures picking clean a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos™; their beaks and talons heavily dusted with flecks of green and red.

Feb 16

A bear and a dad sit on a park bench clumsily trying to navigate through their new iPads. They both grumble.

Feb 13

A self-populating Power Point Slideshow that predicts the viewers death.

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